About BYUU

I am a C++ programmer with over twenty years of experience.

My programming philosophy is to focus on accuracy, simplicity, and performance; in that order.

By accuracy, I refer to correctness, stability, and the absence of bugs. By simplicity, I refer to code size, consistency and readability. By performance, I refer to using statically-typed, compiled languages, and appropriate algorithms that scale well. I reprogram software for English-speaking audiences.

My most notable completed projects are Dragon Quest V and Der Langrisser for the Super Famicom. I work to preserve digital media, so that it might be available for future generations.

I have collected, scanned, and imaged every Super Nintendo game released in North America. I am currently working on the European Super Nintendo and Japanese Super Famicom collections.

I am the author of the bsnes and higan video game console emulators. Some things I am known for ... The NEC uPD7725 chip emulator from higan was successfully used to help emulate the text-to-speech computer system used by the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

My library libco is used to provide cooperative threading support for the Fluent Bit log processor and forwarding system.

An enhancement API that adds full-motion video and CD-quality audio to the Super Nintendo.

Now supported in dozens of games through the use of patches, MSU1 gives us an idealized glimpse of what could have been if the ill-fated Nintendo-Sony partnership had been fruitful in producing a commercial CD-ROM add-on unit for the SNES hardware. ... []

Hi, I'm byuu. I am a computer programmer with 20 years of experience, and I have been employed as a software engineer for the past 13 years. My primary focus is on systems programming. I am most well-known for my work as the sole developer and project lead of the bsnes and higan emulators, which I have worked on for the past 15 years.

I have written complete (if not perfect) emulators for 24 unique hardware devices spanning 12 very different architectures during this time. I have also spent the past 8 years working to preserve the complete international library of games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or Super Famicom in Japan.

A project that to date has set me back by more than $30,000 US dollars. I learned my trade through reprogramming Japanese games that were never released outside of Japan. I have contributed to the English fan translations of Dragon Quest V, Der Langrisser, and Mother 3, to name a few.

I have worked on many other projects over the years. Most famously, I contributed my emulation of the relatively obscure NEC uPD7720 processor to an effort that successfully preserved the voice machine used by the late professor Stephen Hawking.

Throughout my life, video games have always been a passion of mine. While none of us can live forever, I aspire to at least preserve this slice of my youth for future generations through my efforts.

And it is in that same spirit that I've created, with the aim of helping other emulator developers, both veteran and aspiring, to further this cause. Working as a developer in emulation has proved a constant challenge that has helped me grow both professionally and as a person, and I feel privileged to be able to be a small part of this scene.

hope you'll find the content here useful and engaging. Thank you for reading!

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